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The War of Loong

The war of loong In 1885, the French army attacked the Liangshan Mountains in Vietnam, stationed within the dynasty army while not withdrawing, and also the dynasty government’s dominance was vulnerable. Cixi convened the ministers to debate United Nations agency sent the commander, and eventually opened the retired veteran Feng Zicai (Liu Peiqi) but, at that point, the Guangxi military and civilians had been afraid by the brutal ways of the French army, and there was a significant worry of war. so as to encourage the military and civilians, Feng Zicai succeeded in ambushing the geographical region mercenaries in Longlin city, swearing black captains Clark, and fighting publically against them, smashing enemies and strengthening the military.

Download full action movie “the war of loong” & Movie review Full HD Movie 2018

Video Quality: HD.
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Full moviethe war of loong”  review

Feng Zicai in person surveyed the piece of land, designed the front shackles, junction rectifier the ambush of Nighy’s round shot carrier, and unexpectedly fell into the lure of Negri, inflicting serious losses. Yinan was conjointly slain by the French army. luckily, the Vietnamese lady stationed within the French army on the Q.T. relinquishing of her and gave her steerage to seek out the road of the pirate flag general Liu Yongfu. Nigeria, United Nations agency was aggravated, didn’t anticipate the arrival of artillery shells and reinforcements. He launched a complete attack on the front and front. Feng Zicai took the lead in killing the enemy. the total army was excited and violently attacked, and a fierce white-knife fight with the French army.

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