Kaarim Mohammed Full Movie Review| Story | Trailer

Kaarim Mohammed Full Movie Review Story Trailer

Kaarim Mohammed Full Movie Review, Story & Trailer

Kaarim Mohammed Full Movie Review| Story | Trailer Full HD Movie 2018

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Release On: Tuesday, 25th September 2018
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Kaarim Mohammed Full Movie Story: Hamid (Yashpal Sharma) could be a righteous man, UN agency despises anyone UN agency poses a threat to his Bakarwal community (a unsettled tribe residing in higher Cashmere, primarily operating as goatherds and shepherds) and therefore the country generally. however all hell breaks loose once one in all his own succumbs to pressure from a bunch of terrorists.

Kaarim Mohammed Full Movie Review

REVIEW: Born into the family of shepherds, Hamid loves leading the lifetime of a wanderer and takes pride in his gypsian ways that. He wanders round the natural covering mountains and plush inexperienced valleys of Cashmere together with his woman and son Mohammad. though illiterate, Hamid could be a man of principles and desires to instill that very same sense of morality in his son. But, their otherwise happy life is flipped the wrong way up once one in all their own turns his back on his own community in exchange for immunity from terrorists.

The film skilfully, brushes abreast of 2 inevitable problems concerning the controversial land of Cashmere – the conflict between civilians and therefore the soldiers and therefore the increasing uprising. The film does not take sides nor will it render any long, informative monologue on them. ‘Karim Mohammad’ speaks of a robust message of integrity and brotherhood, particularly relevant to our times. Despite the actual fact that this film revolves solely around 2 main characters, it encapsulates the surroundings of the vale virtually. The narrative additionally explains why miscreants and anyone UN agency chooses to damage individuals or disturb the harmony of his nation, ought to be treated like Associate in Nursing enemy.


Yashpal Sharma, because the naive nonetheless moral shepherd, delivers a natural performance. however the kid performer, whose role is crucial to the story, isn’t as convincing in his portrayal. merely same, his performance does not quite tug at your compassion.

Yet another flaw of this well-intended film is that it’s painfully long and therefore the execution does not quite have the aptitude and tactfulness needed for a dramatic story like this. gouger written material might have simply clean-shaven off an honest half-hour from the picture show. Also, director Pawan Kumar Sharma, opts for a utopian finish, which does not match well with the film’s realistic themes. notwithstanding, the message of this tiny film is a crucial one. It provides the type of perspective towards nationalism and communal politics that is necessary, particularly for the youth of the country.

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